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Lions Legacy Club is a fan-driven and alumni-led Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) program for Penn State University student-athletes, alumni, and fans. When you commit to Lions Legacy Club, you’re committing to maximizing opportunities for football student-athletes to build their brand and earn compensation. Plus you gain access to exclusive events, autograph sessions, and more.

Our team

Michael Mauti
Business Development

A 4-year letterman as a Linebacker, Michael graduated in 2012 with a degree in criminal justice. A 2nd-generation legacy player tenured in the last four years of the Paterno era, Michael was preceded by his father, Rich Mauti (‘75-’77), and his brother Patrick Mauti (‘05-’09)- both PSU Football Lettermen.In 2012 as a team captain, he earned AP 1st Team All-American and 1st team All-Big10 Conference honors and won the Pat Fitzgerald Big10 Linebacker Of The Year Award. Drafted in the 7th round by the Minnesota Vikings, where he spent 2 seasons, Mauti was signed by his hometown team the New Orleans Saints and, in 2015, voted by teammates to be the Special Team's captain. That year, he was named Special Teams MVP before his final NFL season in 2017-18. Aside from his 5-year NFL career, Mauti’s resume exemplifies leadership as a voted player/captain at every level of organized football. In the aftermath of the NCAA sanctions, which included a lifted transfer rule for all players in the summer of 2012, Mauti, along with his fellow senior captains, led a heroic campaign on and off the field which kept the bulk of the Penn State roster together throughout the season.Spearheading efforts to galvanize the PSU community with hope and faith in the future of the Penn State Football Program, Mauti said this: “This program was built on every alumni and every player that came before us- built on their backs. And we’re going to take that right now. This is our opportunity to do that.” - Michael Mauti, 2012

Tiana Myers-Rich
Chief of Staff

Tiana Myers Rich offers over 10 years of experience in managing administrative functions and support to executives within collegiate athletics. Her passion for serving student-athletes has allowed her to gain great experiences working at the NCAA Headquarters, serving as the director of basketball operations for Northwestern Women’s Basketball, and working in the football division with Klutch Sports Group. As a former collegiate student-athlete and three-time team captain at George Washington University, Tiana understands the commitment of student-athletes both on the field and in the classroom. Tiana is a strategic planner with the proven ability to supervise project management and ensure operational effectiveness which allows us to help our athletes maximize their opportunity with NIL. Additionally, she has a bachelors in business administration from George Washington University and a masters in sports administration from Northwestern University.

Brad Dillman
Director - Donor Experience

Brad Dillman is a Penn State alumnus who comes to the Lions Legacy Club with more than 30 years of successful sales experience in developing new territories and loyal customers. As Lions Legacy Club Director  – Donor Experience Brad combines his intense passion for forging authentic, long-lasting relationships and his love of all things Nittany Lion. He has managed and led corporate healthcare teams in the US, New Zealand and Australia and has proven over and over again that his unwavering commitment to work ethic, personal growth and success has been a winning combination, both personally and professionally. Brad looks forward to leveraging his vast Penn State network and winning sales strategies as he establishes the Lions Legacy Club as the premiere Penn State NIL Collective BY Lettermen and FOR Lettermen.


Here are the most common questions we receive about how individuals and companies can get involved with NIL opportunities with student-athletes.

I am a business owner and would like to align my brand with Lions Legacy Club. How can I get more involved?

Lions Legacy Club is always looking to add value to fans, student-athletes, and businesses in the community. Partnering with a local student-athlete can be a great extension of your brand and help expand your marketing. If you have ideas for partnership opportunities, please email Chris Ganter at 

I’d like to set up a meet and greet with a student-athlete, have a student-athlete coach my child, or get a personalized video. Are you able to assist with this?

Yes! If there is a custom opportunity you would like to create with a Penn State student-athlete, we will do our best to facilitate the engagement. You can either hire an athlete directly through the site using their profile or click here to submit your ideas and questions.

Is Lions Legacy Club affiliated with Penn State University?

No. Lions Legacy Club is a third-party organization, not affiliated with Penn State University. However, Lions Legacy Club’s leadership is comprised, in part, by Penn State University alumni and former professional athletes dedicated to creating a program that exclusively benefits the student-athletes, fans, and businesses in the community.

What does Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) mean?

“NIL” is the term used to associate with student-athletes ability to earn money off their individual brand. As of July 1, 2021, student-athletes across the country can now profit off their name, image, and likeness. Prior to July 1st, 2021, a student-athlete could not monetize from creating a YouTube channel, hosting a camp, or selling a signed jersey. Now, for example, a student-athlete may earn money for:

  1. Hosting their own basketball, soccer, or other sports camp. 
  2. Partnering with and promoting a local restaurant or business.  
  3. Having a photoshoot and autograph session.

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